Its unfortunate that forfeits happen occasionally. It must be remembered that the SNDTTA competition rules only allow a team to forfeit up to 3 times before it is removed from the competition. The same applies to a team that tries to play more than 3 times with only 2 players. It is only fair to other players that players should try to play, no matter what the circumstances. The forfeit rules are as follows:

1        When no opponents turn up, a team is to claim a forfeit: 9-0, 27-0. (Or 5-0, 15-0 in Premier & Div'n 1 Grade ) after I hour has elapsed from the official starting time. Note that leaving before 1 hour is up could result in claimed forfeits as per the draw up to the time of departure, but could result in forfeiting all other rubbers if the opponents turn up eventually within in the hour.

2        When a team turns up with only 1 player after the hour has passed and the opponents have at least 2 players present, a part forfeit should be applied and the possible matches should be played and the results will count to personal performance and grading. The forfeited scores should be shared against the missing players and doubles combinations: 1-0 and 3-0 each.

3        When both teams have only 2 players of their 3 persons team, 4 matches cannot be played and the forfeited matches should be shared and recorded 1-0, 3-0 for each match.

4        If one team has 2 players and the other 3, all the matches forfeited are recorded against the team missing a player: 1-0 & 3-0.

5        The draw sheet describes the situation of late arrival that has not been agreed between captains. The team with the players present and ready to play may claim a forfeit after each quarter of an hour, but flexibility should prevail or extra tables used where possible to avoid possible forfeits.

6        Assuming the first rubber has been played, the next rubber must be played within 5 minutes otherwise a forfeit could be applied. Teams may vary the order of play to ensure continuation of play to avoid the forfeit.

7        The score sheet should always be filled out completely and legible, ie: Christian and Surname. In case of missing players use Forfeit.

8        Forfeited rubbers do not count for individual performance, but matches abandoned after being started , do!

9        If a venue is not available on the night and the match can not be rearranged on another night, a forfeit may be claimed by the visiting team. Also, when a rubber cannot be played because of early closure of a venue, it is a forfeit to the away team player.