Results 2019 SNDTTA District Championships

2019 SNDTTA DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS WAS HELD WITH A RECORD NUMBER OF 110 ENTRIES AND $2,000.00 IN PRIZE MONEY. Thanks to Theo Morsink the Tournament Director, the results are; Singles:

Premier Final and 2019 Syd.Northern Districts Champion : Yangzi Liu beat Joshua Ip 4-0.

Div.1 final: Ray Zhang beat Cyrus Pestonji 3-1.

Div.2 final: Charlie Huang beat Havin Shengali 2-1 (best of 3 final due to time over run).

Div.3 final: Charlie Huang beat Jieho Kim 2-0 (best of 3 final due to time over run).

Div.4 final: Mingxin Yang beat Juno Choi 3-1.

Div.5 final: Aryan Ilkhani beat Peter Shao 3-0. Veterans: Cyrus Pestonji won pool of 4.

Juniors final: Norman Zhang beat Martin Zhang 3-1.

Doubles: Premier/Div.1 combined: Yangzi Liu/ Norman Zhang beat Dennis Lee/Louis Kwan 3-0.

Div.2/3 combined: Joybroto Sarkar/Ashish Gupta beat Edmond Chiu/Manson Cheng 3-1.

Div.4/5 combined: Esther Lam/Percy Wong beat Joel Chong/Andre Fung 3-0.

Results 2018 SNDTTA District Championships

Held at the Thornleigh Brickpit Stadium Monday 13nd August 2018.

Premier singles final and District Champion : Jake Lee (AKTTA) beat James Kim (AKTTA) 3-1.

Div’n 1: Dennis Lee (PTTC) beat Sam Hew ( NHOTTA) 3-2.

Div’n 2: OwaisChaudry (MQ UNI) beat SaraH Kim (NHo TTA) 3-1.

Div’n 3: Saeed Khayati (MQ Uni) beat Chang-wook Jung (F’ville TTC) 3-1.

Div’n 4: Mitilesh Dronavally (MQ Uni) beat Phil Jenkins (SUNS) on count back games (8/3 vs 7/6).

Div’n 5: Mukumd (STTC) beat Sammarth (STTC) 3-0.

Vets: James Wong (SUNS) beat Pierre Chauvet (MQ Uni)3-0.

Premier/Div.1 Doubles: Jake Lee/James Kim (AKTTA) beat Amit Maharjan/Sam Hew (MQ Uni & NHo TTA) 3-0.

Div’n 2/3 Doubles: Geoff Barrett/Andrew Lo ( H’by RSL TTC) beat Chang-wook Jung/ Sarah Kim (F’ville & NHo TTC) 3-1.


Results 2017 SNDTTA District Championships

Held at the Thornleigh Brickpit Stadium Sunday 20th August 2017.

Division                               Winner                             Runner Up

Premier  Singles:        Mike Liang                          Bob Liang

Division 1 Singles:     Edgar So                              Edmond Chiu

Division 2 Singles:     Salman Gul                        Jason Zhang

Division 3 Singles:    Charlie Huang                    Kelvin Kwong

Division 4 Singles:    Charlie Huang                   Saeed Khayati

Division 5 Singles:    Jonathan Tan                    Jessy Chen

Veterans Singles:    Purvez Bilimoria               Geoff Barrett

Premier Doubles:   J. Wong/T. Nomura          Bob/Mike Liang

Division 1 Double    E. So/D. Lee                        K.Wright/S.Cossy

Div. 2+3 Doubles:    S.Cossey/P.Bilimoria      K.Li/M.Dronavalli.

Div. 4+5 Doubles:    Tinki/Tinlun Cheng          J.Tan/ J.Chen.    

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up!!


Despite early advice to TTNSW, a collision with other events organised elsewhere impacted negatively on our participation numbers this year, especially in the “Open“ event.  However, thanks to extra promotional efforts in our district the championships went ahead with reasonable participation numbers and we have to thank our local clubs and members for their assistance in supporting our most important annual tournament.

The Premier Singles was won by Mike Liang who beat his twin brother Bob 3-2 in five very close sets in the final. All sets finished with the mandatory 2 points difference: 9-11, 14-12, 11-9, 11-13, 11-9. This success is a culmination of two young players we have watched progressing over the years to a standard of play that we expect to challenge Australia’s top players in the future. We have to admire them and their parents for their commitment to do all that is possible to improve their game. The Premier Doubles event was won by veteran James Wong with partner Takashi Nomura who beat the twins Bob and Mike Liang in another 5 setter: 3-2.

All other matches were played in a competitive and sporting manner and the winners can call themselves “SNDTTA Champions for 2017” in their respective divisions. Well Done!

Finally, I would like to thank the committee members for their assistance during the day.

Theo Morsink, Tournament Director.          


Lots of Table Tennis over Easter

Over the Easter holidays while most of us have been resting and enjoying our Easter eggs, some of our very talented members have been very busy competing in the following3 national/international events:

Australian Junior & Cadet Open (2017 ITTF World Junior Circuit), 8-11 April 2017, Tweed Heads, NSW


2017 ITTF-Oceania Cup & Junior Championships, 13 – 16 April, Suva, Fiji - Australia won Gold in all Cadet and Junior Girls and Boys Team events.

Sue Bin Oh who plays in the SNDTTA Autumn comp (Division 2) has achieved the following results:

- Third in Cadet Mixed Double with Noah

- Second in Cadet Single  (round robin)

- First in Cadet Girls' Doubles (with Cindy Suy)

-First in Cadet Girls' Team event (with Cindy Suy)

- Qualified and represent the Oceania team for the World Cadet Championships in Fiji, Suva to be held in October 2017


Noah Kim who plays in the SNDTTA Autumn comp (Premier Division) has achieved the following results:

- First in Cadet Boys' doubles (with Finn Lu)

- Third in Cadet Mixed Double (with Sue Bin)

- Second in the Cadet Boys' single

- First in Cadet Boys' team event (with Finn Lu)


Bob Liang who plays in the SNDTTA Autumn comp (Premier Division) is part of the team that won Gold in the Junior Boys event. SNDTTA Premier League player Tatsuya was the Australian team coach.


2017 Oceania Para Championships, 11 – 16 April 2017, Suva, Fiji – Australia won Gold in the Men Class 2-5 event which Jessy Chen is a member and he also won the Men’s Singles Class 2-3.


The Sydney Northern District Table Tennis Association (SNDTTA) with over 200 members from local clubs (Hornsby, Thornleigh, Cherrybrook, Macquarie University, Willoughby, North Sydney, Forestville, Rydalmere, Annangrove, Ararat and Manly Vale) is proud to have a number of our junior players competing in the event:

Jay Ong, Noah Kim, Mike Liang, Bob Liang, Won Bae, Hwan Bae, Antonia Zhang, Jessy Chen and Sue Bin Oh.

SDNTTA promotes and support our junior players in our weekly Autumn (Mar – Jun) and Spring (Aug – Nov) by allowing them to compete in their chosen local club so they can finish early and get ready for school the next day. Most of our local clubs also have access for players on wheelchairs.

Some of our members are also qualified coaches and one of them is Tatsuya Hidaka who is the Australian National Junior coach motivating all our young Australian players. Tatsuya has also participated in the weekly SNDTTA compsat the highest Premier division.

We have been keeping up with news on our promising young players during the tournament and it is very encouraging to hear of their successes and achievements. Like most sports activities, the experiences gained in handling wins and losses are invaluable in their development to believe in their own abilities and to put in the hard work to achieve their goals. As usual, these young players are accompanied by their parent/s who provide ongoing encouragement to their son/daughter.

At a local level, SNDTTA aim to provide an opportunity for local clubs to compete in a friendly atmosphere, at the same time competitive and to challenge ourselves to continue to improve our skills. We hope the weekly comp will maintain our interest and keep on exercising for life.

You can connect with us and our local clubs via our website:

Chee Yow

SNDTTA Secretary.




Results Taipei Cup 2016.

Singles                Winners                                                Runners Up

Premier:           Chris Yan ( Aust. Olympian)         Ismu ( Indonesia)

Div.1:                Sung Min Hong ( Taiwan)             Li Huacheng ( Taiwan)

Div.2:                Noah Kim (Nam Ho Academy)     Herman (Indonesia)

Juniors:             Chen Chun Hsiang( Taiwan)         Marcello ( Indonesia)


Premier:           Ismu/Arif (Indonesia)                    Erny/Trent ( SNDTTA)

Div.1:                Erny/Tracy Feng (SNDTTA)            Nanda/Herman (Indonesia)



With the number of entries at 185 in the various divisions shown above, it must have been one of the most successful tournaments organised in our district and we should be grateful to James Wong, president of the Chinese Taipei Sports Federation Australia, for using all his contacts to get not only these numbers turning up but also the quality of players assembled, including participants from Taiwan and Indonesia, and his successful arrangements for sponsorships.

Apart from the buzz around the place, a highlight on the first day was the opening ceremony attended by dignitaries from the Chinese Taipei Australia Branch and the Hornsby Shire Council.

The tournament, played over 2 days, was run like clockwork and finished as planned and in time for the celebratory Chinese banquet afterwards.  The quality of matches was of the highest standard and the numerous spectators would have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The list of winners above does not show the various battles that were on display and especially on the 2nd day, when the places for the finals were at stake, one could hear constant applause filling the arena. 

Some surprises were the defeat of Tatsuya Hidaka by Jake Lee in a qualifying singles match and the loss of Chris Yan and Sally Zhang in the doubles pool, but this shows that our district players are getting closer to the top. Our international guests provided our players with the challenges needed to realise the position of where they are and what we should aim for if there is a wish to be successful.

The premier final was a 3-0 white wash by Olympian Chris Yan against Ismu from Indonesia, who earlier showed his spinning skills in the semi final but did not get a chance due to the attacking speed of Chris Yan. Congratulations are due to our district players Noah Kim from Nam Ho Academy, who won the Division 2 singles and Erny Tsao & Tracy Fang, who won the Division 1 doubles. Erny , together with Trent Carter, combined extremely well to come 2nd in the Premier doubles.

A heartfelt thank you is due to qualified umpires Kevin Wright and Han Phan and several of our local players who helped out in making this tournament the success it was.

Theo Morsink, President SUNSTTA Inc.


Results 2016 SNDTTA District Championships

Held at the Thornleigh Brickpit stadium Sunday 21stAugust .

Division                               Winner                             Runner Up

Premie Singles:               Chris Yan                          Tatsuya Hidaka

Division 1 Singles:             Shinji Hiraoka                   Dennis Lee

Division 2 Singles:             Kimmy Lai-Brown             Sonny Ching

Division 3 Singles:             Tarun Narula                      Peter Lin

Division 4 Singles              Etan Foo                              Ben King

Veterans Singles:             Shinji Hiraoka                     Chee Yow

Premier Doubles:             Chris/Sally Yan                   Tatsu Hidaka/Jake Lee

Div.2+3/vets Doubles:   Kimmy Lai/Johnny Wen                Wing Kwaichan/Shinji Hiraoka.  

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up!!

Whilst the number of participants were down, the standard of play, especially in the premier division, was of a very high level. We were fortunate to have Olympians Chris Yan, Justin Han and Sally Zhang participate as well as Tatsuya Hidaka and our premier league top players Trent Carter, Jake lee, Joe Lim, Erny Tsao, SolriYooand Takashi Nomura.

The final between the 3 pool winners: Chris, Tatsuya and Joe, a Chinese, Japanese and Korean match up, was something to behold. Recently returned from Rio, a much slimmer Chriswas victorious and won both matches 3-1, but had to battle all the way againstboth Joe and Tatsuya, with the latter beating Joe, 3-1 also, to come 2nd.

Our district players and fans should regard themselves fortunate to be able to watch this standard of play regularly, First our District competition, then the NSW Club championships and this SNDTTA District championship and the upcoming International Taipei Cup challenge on the 10th and 11th September at the Thornleigh Brickpit again. All information is now available on the SNDTTA website and also on Facebook:

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow committee members for their assistance during the day.

Theo Morsink, President SNDTTA Inc.



Newsletter May 2016

With the 2016 Interclub Autumn Competition in full swing it’s about time to bring you up to date on some issues affecting the proper operation of the various aspects of running a fair competition to everybody’s satisfaction.

Let me start with the annual team registration, normally close after we had our AGM in early February to elect a new committee for the year. I understand it’s very difficult to get teams together by the last week in February, due to holiday breaks especially.To be able to get an early March start,adherence to the timetable on the team registration forms is of utmost importance.

We thank those who sent the forms in time, but soon after the closing date we received numerous adjustments and they continued coming in and this created havoc in organising a decent draw for the various divisions in the scheduled time to organise an 18 week competition..

 Therefore, the first rule for club secretaries is: to make sure that all details must be correct when registering teams: Full Names of players, payments and very important, their grading, if available, according to the last issued list. If there are new players involved, the grading must be done properly by the club before entering a name on the team sheet.

One of the big disappointments was that we were unable to form a Division 5 competition, as only 4 teams were entered. We decided that these teams would be included with division 4 forming 2 groups of 6 teams with 2 division 5 teams in each group. It has been decided by the committee that the highest placed division 5 team in each group would play off at the end of the competition in a special grand final for the division 5 championship, with only the winning team receiving a trophy.

Now something about the teams and players registeredby the clubs. In running the competition we found that grading by the clubs was of substandard. Not only did we find that players and teams were entered into divisions far higher than their ability, but also the reverse happened whereby too highly qualified players were entered in teams and divisions below their standard.

The result of this was that various complaints were received and the committee had to take some drastic steps to avoid unsavoury actions. It is unfair to the other clubs and the players themselves to not adhere to the principle of fair play in a competition where we do our utmost to fairly grade players according to their results.

Therefore, the message is: Do not put lower graded and inexperienced players in a division above their standard of play,or vice versa, over qualified players in a division or team below their ability.Also, that division 5 is an introductory division for starting players to help them to familiarise themselves to competition play already very evident in division 4 and higher. Please support this concept. We need new blood, not players put off by constant defeats.

The Committee membersdecided that we will leave the grading to the clubs but ask them to keep the consequences in mind of thesemisdeeds. All clubs should realise that changing to a central grading venue for new players, by nominated experienced players, would be an inconvenience to us all. The best we intend to do is create an additional line on the team sheets to be signed by the responsible person regarding the assessment of the standard of play of any new player. Starting from the next Spring competition we will also apply more stringent penalties.

We also recently found that in the combined Div’n 4/5, with multiple teams from the same clubs, players have been playing in more than one team to fill in for absentees rather than postpone or forfeit a match. We have directed those involvedto stop this immediately after initially allowing some leniency. It should be understood that once a player has played 3 times for a team (6singles), he/she is permanently part of that team and cannot be used by another team of the same club in that division. The by-laws will be adjusted accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

In our last meeting the committee also decided that with TTNSW now using STAG 3* seamlessplastic balls in their tournaments, we will allow in the current competition to use these balls in addition to the Double Fish 3* plastic balls already in use and provided free to each team initially. We have ordered another 50 dozen Double Fish @ $1 per ball and 50 dozen Stag balls @ $2 per ball to give clubs the best price possible and at the same time the opportunity of choice between seamed and seamless balls. If you like some for your club, please send me an email.

For your information the committee also approved participation of SNDTTA teams in the upcomingNSW Club championships to be held at the Thornleigh Brickpit on the weekend of 13 & 14 August. We have to provide 3 person teams in Premier, Veterans O’ 40”s, Ladies, and Juniors U’18.  For qualification we preferably will be asking players at the highest levels in each category following results in our current competition. This is the first time a SNDTTA team will be assembled for quite a number of years. The entry fee of $400 will be paid by SND and lunches on the 2 days are included. We will also attempt to provide the teams with commemorative shirts and we hope that in the future we can have inter district challenges. The idea is that the top team(s) qualify for the National Club Championships to be held in November. The inaugural NSW event was held last year at the Brickpit with 6 participating teams: 2 NSW country, AKTTA, Suns, PCYC and St.George/Sutherland, with the latter the winner and Suns coming 2nd. Suns will again aim to provide a team on their own. Any other clubs in our district are invited if they can fulfil the requirements.

Last but not least, our website is there for all to use as a means of communicationand advise of what is happening around our district. Please let us know if you like to comment or assist or even criticize on anything to help us improve our communication and improve on our efforts to promote our game. For example, we have just installed an “Upcoming EVENTS” page and any club is invited to let us know of their activities during the year. Just send an email.

I look forward to your support,

Theo Morsink, President SNDTTA Inc.


Sydney Northern Districts Table Tennis Association Inc.


President: Theo Morsink

10 Lonsdale Ave, Berowra Hts, 2082

Tel: 0402224563.

Secretary: Navindu Nanda

111 David Rd, Castle Hill, 2154.

Tel: 0426281566.


Hello Everyone,

At last night’s SND Committee meeting the draw for the upcoming Spring competition was discussed and the following decisions were made:


Premier Div’n: 6 team round robin starting week commencing 17/8 with finals 1-4 & grand final.

Division 1: 6 team round robin starting w/c 17/8 with finals 1-4 and grand final.

Division 2: 8 team round robin starting w/c 10/8 with 1-4 finals and grand final.

Division 3 : 10 team 1 round only starting w/c 17/8 with finals 1-4 and grant final.

Division 4 : Two 6 team round robin div’s starting w/c 17/8 with across 1-2 finals and grand final.

Division 5 : 6 team round robin starting w/c 17/8 with finals and grand final.



The draw for division 2 will be issued next week for the start of week commencing Monday 10/8 , with rest of the draws following soon after for the week commencing Monday17/8.

A few notes for the Club Managers and the Team Captains in particular:The committee has decided that:

1 For late forwarding of the score sheets by the winning teams to the allocated recorder, a penalty of 1 point per week applies for every week delay after the first week following the scheduled match.

2 New Plastic balls choice is allowed if both players agree. If not, the old celluloid balls must be used.

3 Captains should draw a playing roster for the teams to ensure forfeits and deferrals are avoided. Teams have a long period of planning available once the draws are received and last minute withdrawals and deferrals, especially at finals time, must be a thing of the past. It is unfair to other teams to not turn up and give away free points, which also distorts the table standings. Forfeits are not included in the individual results.

4 Score sheets must be filled out correctly and clearly, with black pens, and must show at least once the full first and surname of each player, so that the recorders can identify who is who and allocate the results properly. Recorder details are shown on the draws for each division.

5 The “Ratings Central”system recording is now in full swing for all participating players in the SND competition, which is another reason to properly fill out the score sheet. We hope to change over to the new system rankings from next year.

6 Please check the draws for any inaccuracies and report any changes required direct to our secretary Navindu Nanda, email:

Please hand out this information to all your team captains.

Theo Morsink, President SNDTTA Inc. 31/7/15 .


                            To whom it may concern

Suggestions to Improve table tennis in NSW. (And  Elsewhere?).

Following discussions with Mr Ted Davis, president TTNSW, regarding the latest TTNSW members listing provided to me, quite a few anomalies in numbers, names and especially categories of membership payments became obvious.

It was evident from the listing provided thatSNDTTA , which represents the Northern Districts of Sydney, pays 35% of TTNSW fees collected from 421 members of the total of 1650, ie 25.5%.  Furthermore, the numbers in the various categories show that SNDTTA paid 42% of the Club fees of $60, 35% of the Championship fee of $80 and 66% of the juniors fee of $40 and only 18% of the $10 social membership fees.

Especially of concernis the fact that  1155 of the 1650 registered members are $10 social members, ie: 70%. This makes a mockery of the requirement that competition playing members should not play against these players in recognised competitions.

This brings me to assess that we at SNDTTA are probably one of the few affiliated districts to adhere to the above requirement and provide TTNSW with the proper revenue to support their work.

My suggestion refers to the urgent improvement needed in revenue collection for TTNSW.It appears that what is needed is the proper set up of District Committeesfor all of NSW, with organisational and administrative powers.For example, our district committee members organise the Autumn and Spring competitions at a participation fee per player of $20 for the 2 competitions per annum for our affiliated clubs. It also collects the TTNSW fees to make sure all players adhere to the earlier mentioned rule of playing comp against registered players only. ( Because of on-line registration they have to find a way to check personal registrations, that’s why we needed the TTNSW member listing in the first place) Our committee meets once a month and consists of representatives of each member club.

The benefits from this initiative are obvious: properly organised competition, contact between clubs and members, combined promotional activities, district championship opportunities, combined training programmes and last but not least increased player numbers.

This fits in with the proposed National Club championships qualifying system and should be of use for a proper national set up.

In my opinion the time to have organised competitions in one place rather than interclub competitions should be avoided as they are detrimental to the development of our sport.

Also, general planning is a vital part for future development as well as functional responsibility allocated to committee members.

Theo Morsink, President SNDTTA & SUNSTTA INC.


Open Letter to all TTNSW affiliated Clubs.

As president of the very successful Sydney Upper North Shore (SUNS) Table Tennis Association/Club, I would like to present my thoughts about improving the state of Table Tennis in NSW and ultimately Australia.

I’ve been involved with table tennis in NSW more than 25 years now, starting at Sydney Uni, then in 1992 founding Suns and the last 7 years as SND president also.

Recently I’ve been able to contact committee members of TTA and NSW and have had access to various information regarding how the sport of table tennis is being administered.

Without criticising the current set up, it appears our sport does not get the attention it deserves and cannot improve due to lack of funds and foresight.

We seem to be stuck on a stale system, accepting shortcomings as normal and just carry on year in year out without much improvement and keep complaining that things are not right.

The problem is that in the current situation TTNSW cannot help you because of lack of funds and a proper future planning process.

This is where I hope to get every club in NSW to change their way of thinking.

Just to give an example, in checking the TTNSW membership listings in August last year,  70 % of members were registered as “Social” @ $10, 18% as Club members @ $60, 5.3% as Championship @$80, 3.5% as Juniors @ $40 and 3.2% Pensioners and Officers @$40 also.

With a loss of $31K in 2013, how is TTNSW able to operate despite the valuable input of a voluntary committee that has problems installing internal controls and carry out some of the basic requirements for its members.

What about the rule accepted by the affiliated clubs that all competition players should properly register as club players and not play competition against non TTNSW registered players?

Furthermore, the figures also showed that the Sydney Northern District by doing the right thing in adhering to the above rule, paid 35% of all fees with only a quarter of the total members registered at that time.

Therefore, it is time to rethink the whole approach to the structure of table tennis in NSW and follow the system used in our District, where we play an interclub competition administered by a District committee made up of all participating clubs.

I hereby ask TTNSW as a matter of urgencyto open discussions to divide NSW in table tennis districts, start talking to clubs or organise meetings with clubs in each particular District to form committees to start properly organised interclub competitions. Currently we have too many centres where internal/social matches are played without helping to carry the responsibility of TTNSW membership that includes the earlier mentioned rule and without which TTNSW cannot operate

To give another example, SND charges $20 per player atop the TTNSW fees for participation in 2 competitions: Autumn and Spring and organises an individual District championship once a year.

The benefits from setting up Districts are numerous: promotional opportunities, more challenging and playing against other Districts and to ultimately arrive at an opportunity to participate at higher levels, even national.



To the following registered “TTNSW Affiliated “Table Tennis Clubs/Assoc’s/Academies in NSW:    Bathurst TTA, Central Coast TTA, Hurricane TTA, Illawarra TTA, Newcastle TTA,  Nepean District TTA, NSW Insurance OTTA, Spears Sport Club, St.George & Sutherland TTA, Syd. Northern  Districts TTA, Syd. Upper Nth. Shore(Suns) TTA, TT Western Sydney ,  Wah Sing TTA, Canberra TTA and Goulburn TTA.                                                             CC: TTNSW, TT Australia.

Dear Ladies/Gentlemen,                                                       Berowra Heights, 5th November 2007.                                                 

As president of the Sydney Upper Nth.Shore  ( SUNS) TTA and the Syd. Northern Districts TTA and following contact with TTNSW, I have been given approval to go ahead with a suggestion to introduce a “2008 Sydney Metropolitan Table Tennis Competition” on a “Home and Away” basis between the various  Associations listed above.                                                                                                                                     

Personally I feel there is a need to improve the image of Table Tennis as a serious sport for the general public.  By introducing a major league with regular reports in the press in an Olympic year, it would be beneficial  to all our Associations with regard to an increase in interest for our sport.

My suggestion is to introduce initially an A grade competition for 2 or 3 person teams to be played on Saturday afternoons or evenings, because of  the travel involved.  TTNSW suggested to also introduce a Youth Competition ( to 18 years?) at the same time, but that will depend on the information you will provide. The suggestion is that this competition will be played mainly during the winter months , depending on the number of teams entered. The 4 top SUNS players have already agreed to enter, plus some  A grade juniors if the youth competition goes ahead.                                                                                                                                                    

To set this proposal in motion I would therefore ask you to let me know if your organization is interested in joining this initiative. Please let me know by mid December if you would like to be part of the new league, if you can produce a good standard 2 or 3 person  A grade team, your playing venue and date/time and if you are also interested in entering a Youth Team. If you need more time please let me know. TTNSW offered Homebush as playing venue if required. Once I have received an indication of interested Associations, I will invite representatives of those clubs for a meeting in the CBD in Sydney, probably in January, to finalize details. 

By copy of this memo I would like to ask TTNSW to suggest a similar approach for a NSW Country Table Tennis League set up, with their champions playing off for the NSW State title against our Metropolitan Champions.                                                                                                                                                               

 TT Australia is invited to extend this initiative to other States and Territories so that in future every year there is a play off between State Champions for an Australian Club Championship.

I look forward to a positive reply and thank you for discussing this with your members.                      

Theo Morsink, President Suns TTA Inc,   

10 Lonsdale Ave, Berowra Heights, NSW 2082.                                                                                              

 Email: theo    



Critical Issues affecting the image of Table Tennis as a valid sport and suggestions  for improvement

Current  problems affecting the image of Table Tennis:

No centralized effort to advertise upcoming events outside the realm of affiliated associations. ie no newspaper reviews and promotion of events prior to the events. Events based on individuals, not clubs, the grassroots of our game.

No reports in the major papers and not even the results only of major national events, let alone state or district championships or other initiatives.  Affiliated Associations doing their own advertising and organization of competitions and tournaments, often in competition with other Associations in the area.

No national, nor state, nor metropolitan district leagues for clubs or affiliated associations to join and consequently no effort to promote championships for the various categories mentioned.

Lack of regular exposure creates image of a recreational activity rather than a valid sport, an Olympic sport as such.( examples: Steve Jacobs playing Dot  as a promotion for the WMG, Justin Han photo in the Herald playing an emigration officer in the dungeons of a Govt building: all a bit of a giggle!!!)

Missing out on regular and valuable revenue from fees and sponsorships for both the National and State Organizations and thus limiting the scope of new initiatives as well as a more regular and increased income.


Suggestions for Improvement:

Initiate compulsory and regular meetings of representatives of all Affiliated Associations and clubs to set targets and rules eg: fees, timetable, grades, venues, prizes, sponsorships, budgets, etc, etc. Apply fines for non attendance!!!  (eg, a registration fee for an organized competition could command a fee of at least $100 pp).

TTNSW to set up committee to organize leagues for clubs to participate in, ie metropolitan and/or district, for all grades ie:  A, ARes, B, C,D and E and/or Juniors. If distances involved,weekend play is to be compulsory, but should fit in with tournament timetables.

Commence discussions with TTAustralia to extend to all states to enable play offs for State and National titles.

Appoint publication officers responsible for publications and sponsorships, perhaps on commission, based on revenue raised.

Utilize availability of retired players and administrators for committee duties, with at least one representative of each Affiliated Association appointed to one of the suggested sub committees.



SNDTTA Newsletter December 2014

Dear Members


We are pleased to report another successful year of table tennis activities in our Northern District.  Participation numbers have increased at all levels and it is the general opinion that consequently the standard of play has also increased.

I would like to start with congratulatory messages to all our winners in the various competitions as listed below:

Winners          Autumn Comp.            Spring Comp.               District C’ships.           Top 5

Premier Div.   N/A                             Suns A                          Tatsu Hidaka              N/A         

 Div’n 1            H/K PCYC B                 Nth Syd Leagues A     Peter Krigovsky          Eric Foley

 Div’n 2            Willoughby Red          Hornsby RSL Red         Ryan Liu                      Ryan Liu 

Div’n 3             Hornsby RSL Purple    Cherrybrook Dning     Ricky Law                Wing Chan

 Div’n 4            Nam Ho Academy F   Suns C                          Ricky Law                   Jayden Kim

 Div’n 5            Hornsby RSL Orange   H/K PCYC F                  N/A                             Charlie Zhang 

This year, because of increased interest in participation in the Spring Div’n 1 competition, we successfully separated the top 6 teams into a Premier League and we hope to continue this approach in the future, depending on the strength of players in the teams and the numbers of teams applying to enter. Players achieving above 20% winning margins in the PL have been appropriately marked for future grading purposes as shown on the current Div.1 standard list dated Jan.2015. Congratulations are due to 2 members of this elite list, Erny Tsao and James Wong, who both became Australian Champions in 2014 in U18 and O’60 respectively. Well Done!!

During the year we had quite a few issues to be resolved and your committee will be looking at tightening some By-law rules in relation to postponements, forfeits, registrations, score reporting and bad communication in general. The rules are clear but some misinterpretations and wishful requests have caused unnecessary delays in matches, upsetting the scheduled draw. At all times it should be realized that we play for physical health and pure enjoyment and although we feel a certain anxiety when playing matches, winning at all cost should never come into our minds and sportsmanship should always prevail.

Anyway, we have to thank our recorders, Syd Birchall, Clement Siu, Owen Ow, Sonny Ching and Allan Xu, the latter also for keeping the website up to date, for their dedication to bring us the results so speedy and accurate. Please appreciate the work involved and co-operate by getting the score sheets emailed directly after the match. Also, make sure the names are legible with the surnames of the players at least mentioned once for proper identification.

I would also like to extend a big thank you to our committee members for their input during the year. We are grateful for their support, but with future succession in mind, we are always looking forward to get more members involved in the organization of our sport in the District, with at least one member representative for each affiliated club. So, if you feel inclined to get administratively involved you are very welcome. Our AGM is planned for early February, registrations are due towards the end of February and the Autumn competition starts early March

In closing, I would like to wish all our members a very Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year. I look forward in seeing you all again in 2015.

Theo Morsink, President SNDTTA Inc.


SNDTTA Newsletter April 2014

Dear Members,

Welcome to the 2014 Autumn Competition. The new season starts with a record number of teams: 12 in div’n 1 and 8 each in div’n 2 to 5, a total of 44 teams, ie 200 registered players.

We wish all the clubs and players a successful and enjoyable competition.

We welcome back Willoughby Squash in div’n 5 but lost Forestville despite their excellent venue but hope the latter will be able to return for the Spring comp.                                             In our endeavor to promote our sport we have listed on our brochure new clubs: Chatswood Tennis, The Int. College of Management(ICMS) at Manly, Pittwater Sports Centre at Nth Narrabeen, the  Aus/Korean TTC at Meadowbank and also our established SND venue at Manly Vale, as places where to play table tennis in the hope that they will join our competitions in the not too distant future.


TTNSW Registration 2014                                                                                                                               

This year TTNSW has for the first time entered an agreement with a Management Coy “IMG” for direct  on-line registration at As you know and because of our affiliation with TTNSW, no one of our registered players playing in their sanctioned competition is allowed to play competition against unregistered players. So, make sure all your players nominated for the current competition have registered with TTNSW, either direct or through SND. or any of our clubs directly affiliated with TTNSW also.

If the committee finds out unregistered players have participated, their results will be deleted from the results and the points awarded to the opposing team.


Grading List January 2014                                                                                                                           

Clubs and players should be aware that the grading list is there to make sure that graded players do not play in a div’n below their achieved standard. In special cases, eg where a team cannot form a team because of lack of numbers, a higher graded player may be allowed to play 1 div’n lower . In all circumstances this request should be made in writing to the SND committee for approval prior to the start of the competition. Generally a handicap of 3 points for singles and 2 points for doubles is then applied.


Deferrals & Forfeits                                                                                                                                       

With the new season papers our secretary issued an additional page with the By-laws, setting out the rules with regard to deferrals. Would clubs please ensure their captains are made aware of these regulations so as to avoid any unnecessary delays. All round robin matches must be finished before the commencement of the finals. No deviation from the finals schedule as provided will be allowed.

There is also a special page on the website on forfeits. Both deferrals and forfeits are to be avoided where possible. Missing 1 player is not  an excuse to ask for a postponement.


Insurance for Social Players                                                                                                                   

Clubs with social players, who are not participating in our district competition may not be covered by their club for some measure of player insurance. TTNSW have introduced a casual (social) player insurance and this is available by registering through the TTNSW website.     The cost is $10 pp for 2014 and if you want to know exactly what it covers contact TTNSW. The insurance policy SNDTTA currently has for casual players expires mid May this year and we are investigating a possible transfer to a group TTNSW policy. Details to be announced in the near future.


Volunteers for the” Int.Aus.Open” at Homebush: 21-25 May 2014                                                       

TTA is asking for volunteer assistance for this pro-tour event at Olympic Park. There are certain rewards for helping out at this 1st proper international event since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They are also asking for qualified umpires. For details contact :


SNDTTA Districts Championships 17 August 2014                                                                             

Please note the date for our annual event has changed to Sunday 17th of August. Make a note in your diary. It will again include a premier league challenge with $2k prize money.


Filling out Score sheets properly.                                                                                                           

Would all captains please make sure that on every score sheet at least once the full name of each player is clearly printed. Please help us to take the guess work out of your score sheets and show some appreciation for the volunteer work by our recorders.

Herewith a heartfelt thank you to our Secretary/Treasurer Barry Davies for taking on the considerable task of registration and organization of the draw for the 2014 Autumn comp. Also to the recorders, Syd birchall, Clement Siu, Owen Ow, Sonny Ching and Allan Xu who all offered to do it again for the new comp, with Allan also taking up the additional Website maintenance function. Well done gentlemen!

Also a special Thank You to Rod Falck , who over quite a number of years helped us out in maintaining the SNDTTA website in an excellent manner. We wish you all the best for the future.

Theo Morsink, President SNDTTA Inc



SNDTTA Newsletter December 2013

Dear Members,

Herewith a short review of the final months’ activities and some useful 2014 dates for you to note in your new diary.

The Spring competition was finally finished mid December when Hornsby RSL Gold and Forestville A played their grand final in division 3.This delay makes a mockery of our playing schedule which was issued in August and we encourage all clubs to better plan their finals position in the future. Another final had to be forfeited because some members in division 1 found it more interesting to watch the Bennelong cup. Please keep in mind that there is no excuse to delay finals. The SND committee will in 2014 put forward at the AGM that all delayed matches, including finals, must be played within a fortnight of the original scheduled date otherwise the committee will set a date within that time frame.

The Spring competition results are shown elsewhere on the website and we congratulate all the winners and runners up. Especially the win in Div’n 1 by newcomers Nam Ho Academy is commended. We hope all other players found their participation in our biggest ever competition enjoyable and we look forward to you returning in 2014.

Our Districts Individual Championships also recorded a record number of entries this year making 2013 one of our most successful and we thank all the clubs helping us to promote our game. As not all clubs are represented in the SND committee I would like to encourage these clubs to nominate representatives for 2014 at our next AGM.

Important dates for 2014:                                                                                                                    

Early February 2014: SNDTTA AGM at Ararat, Denistone East.  Date to be advised!                                                                                      

Week commencing Monday 10 March: start of SND Autumn competition.                              

Saturday 16 August: SND Individual District Championships at the Brickpit, Thornleigh.

This year there will be no NSW Corporate Games due to a change in management but should you get enquiries I encourage clubs to try to convert these requests into club memberships.

Finally and on behalf of all the SND committee members I would like to wish all our members a very happy and prosperous New Year. We look forward seeing you all again in 2014.

Theo Morsink, President SNDTTA Inc.