DIVISION 1 GRAND  FINAL  26/7/02 (at Willoughby Park Centre)
Willoughby Orange def. Willoughby Blue  4 rubbers to 1, 14 games to 4
Lam def. Rylatt  8, 9, 6
Lam def. Tong  5, 7, 1
G. Lee def. Tong  11, 9, 6
G. Lee lost to Rylatt  3, 10, -6, -10, -7
Lam/Lee def. Roose/Tong  -8, 3, 5, 7
Congratulations to Willoughby Orange (Matt Hilan (capt), Tri Lam & Grant Lee) who were too 
strong for Blue (Guy Roose (capt), Dennis Rylatt & Tommy Tong). To win this competition is a real
achievement as it required very good performance over 16 matches plus wins in the semi-final and
grand final. Tri Lam was dominant throughout as he did not lose a match from start to finish.
The standout match in the grand final was Grant Lee versus Dennis Rylatt where Grant held match
and grand final points but could not clinch it. A great comeback from Dennis. Full marks to Tommy
Tong who played in the grand final just days after a surgical operation.