By Law - Utility Players: 

In the interests of avoiding forfeited rubbers and/or matches, each club can nominate one utility player per team, who is not a leading player in that  division, i.e. where the utility player is below 100 RC points for that division's upper RC cutoff, where there is more than one team in a division for that club,
That utility player is a full-fledged member of their original team.

When playing for another team that utility player can only play if:

The other team in the club for that division cannot field a team of 3 players for that competition night due to sickness, unforeseeable circumstances, etc...

For a utility player to play in any team's finals, they must have had played in three matches (i.e. 6 singles for that team). 
Also for a utility player to play in the finals of another team, apart from playing three matches, there must be no regular members of the other team that can play.

The 2022 SNDTTA AGM will be held at the Brickpit 1A Dartford Road Thornleigh at 6.00 pm on 11 February 2022. If you wish to nominate for a position as an official or committee member please advise our Secretary Vincent Chan by email at together with a seconder. Please ensure you are a financial member for 2022. 

This venue is also SUNS's home venue and members can play here after the AGM. 


Trophies for the 2021 Interclub Championships and Top 5 will be given out on the day.



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