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2023 SNDTTA Closed Competition Results


Winner: Stephen Liu
Runner up: Muhammad Rameez 1


Winner: Charlie Huang
Runner up: Sean Li


Winner: Mingxin Yang
Runner up: Hans Dushanthakumar


Winner: Mona Xu
Runner up: Archibald Newman


Winner: Archibald Newman
Runner up: Eng Chuan Owen Ow


Winner: Yan Ray Huang
Runner up: Devon Yuhao Yan

Premier / Div One Doubles

Winner: Charlie Huang & Kunhao Zhang
Runner up: James Wong & Vincent Chan

Div Two / Three Doubles

Winner: Mona Xu & Jolene Wang
Runner up: Peter Lin & Jack Soo

Div Four / Five Doubles

Winner: Kevin Chin & Eliezer Bairan
Runner up: Tushar Sharma & Yan Ray Huang

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