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2021 Sydney Northern Districts (SNDTTA)
Championships (Click Here for Entry Form)

Saturday 18th December 2021

Thornleigh Indoor Sports Stadium (The Brickpit)
1 Dartford Road, Thornleigh
Tournament Director: Mithilesh Dronavalli

Entries close: Saturday 11th December 11.59pm 

1. You must be a TTNSW and SNDTTA member to join this competition, unless you are a TTNSW (or other state) member playing in premiers.

2. For those who are not SNDTTA members in 2021, membership for 2022 can be purchased in the entry form to play in SNDTTA Tournament 2021.

3. New SNDTTA members must have a valid Ratings Central ID of standing for 12 months 


Starting Time Event Name
8.30am Premier/Division 1 Doubles
8.30am Division 2/3 Doubles
8.30am Division 4/5 Doubles
9.30am Division 3 Singles
9.30am Division 5 Singles
10.30am Division 4 Singles
10.30am Division 2 Singles
10.30am Division 1 Singles
11.00am Premier Singles

The above times are indicative only, and the committee reserves the right to alter the times to suit the situation on the day in conjunction with the players involved.


Premier, Division, Singles and Doubles Events on offer!

All players must abide by the COVID-19 conditions set out by SNDTTA
This year prize money and medals will be distributed as follows:

Singles Winner Runner up
Premier (Open) $400 + medal $200 + medal
Division 1 (<1650) $250 + medal $125 + medal
Division 2 (< 1501) $200 + medal $100 + medal
Division 3 (< 1351) $150 + medal $75 + medal
Division 4 ( < 1151) $100 + medal $50 + medal
Division 5 (< 951) $50 + medal $25 + medal
Doubles* Winner Runner up
Premier/Division 1 (one player must be below 1650 RC) $80 each + medal Medal
Division 2/3 (combined RC < 2850) Both Players below 1501 $60 each + medal Medal
Division 4/5 (combined RC < 2100) Both players below 1151 $30 each + medal Medal

*For doubles – there will be a medal but no prize for runner up if there are less than 6 teams in the division.

2021 SNDTTA Championships
Saturday 18th December 2021
Conditions of Entry
1. Decisions: The (Event) Tournament Committee, in conjunction with the Tournament Director, shall have sole management of the Championships, and their decisions are final
2. Division Events – are open to players not rated above the points staged for the division set out below according to Ratings Central Points on the 31st October of 2021.
Division 1 – Maximum 1650
Division 2 – Maximum 1500
Division 3 – Maximum 1350
Division 4 – Maximum 1150
Division 5 – Maximum 950
3. Maximum Events – You may enter up to 2 singles events and 1 doubles event.
4. Equipment – White Plastic ITTF approved 40+ balls shall be used
5. Game Rules: ITTF Rules will apply to clothing, rackets, gluing, equipment, and control of the tournament generally. Any query of the legality or acceptability of playing attire shall be decided by the Tournament Referee. Gluing is not permitted within the stadium. The main colour of the clothing shall not be WHITE. Tracksuits are not to be worn without the permission of the referee
6. Refusal of Entry - The (Event) Tournament Committee in conjunction with the Tournament Director reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse entry into the tournament by any player. If the (Event) Tournament Committee  in conjunction with the Tournament Director exercises this option, it will notify the player accordingly and refund any monies paid.
7. Event Format - All matches are the best of 5 games. The semi final stage onwards in Premier Singles will be played as best of 7 games.
8. Rescheduling Events: Events may start earlier than advertised if all players are available at the discretion of the (Event) Tournament Committee in conjunction with the Tournament Director.
9. Cancelling Events: The (Event) Tournament Committee, in conjunction with the Tournament Director, shall have the power to cancel any event which attracts insufficient entries and to vary any conditions as it may deem necessary. Players entering an event that is cancelled, or for which they are not eligible, will be placed in an alternative event if one is suitable.  
‚Äč10. Injury: No claim will be recognized by SNDTTA should any player receive any injury during the playing of this tournament. There is insurance held by Table Tennis NSW which may cover injury for TT NSW members in some circumstances. All entrants compete at their own risk.
11. Media: By participating, players consent to his/her photo/video being taken for media publication.
12. LATE ENTRIES: Acceptance of late entries is at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
13. Players must enter events based on their personal RC grading regardless of their team’s competition grading.
14. Doubles nomination: Even though a doubles partner is nominated, separate signed entry forms must be received for each player. (Please confirm with your partner before submitting your entry form to avoid duplicated nominations.
15. Warmup: A maximum 2-minute hit-up is allowed prior to the commencement of a match.
16. Ready to Play: Any player not ready to play when called may be disqualified by the Tournament Director.

17. Upon collecting the score sheet, players should take their opposition and an umpire to the table.
18. If unable to find an umpire, please report to tournament control immediately.
19. All players must assist by umpiring when requested. Refusal to umpire upon request from the Tournament Director or Committee may result in disqualification.
20. Winning players must check, sign, & return the score sheet to the office immediately upon completion of matches.

The submission of the Entry Form is deemed as acceptance of these Conditions of Entry to the Tournament.


Thank-you for your enthusiasm!!!


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