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2021 SNDTTA Open/Closed Competition Results 
Event Winner Runner up
Premier Singles Daiki Shimojo Hwan Bae
Div One Singles Li Jiang Yang Joy Bro Sarkar
Div Two Singles Vincent Chan Clement Siu
Div Three Singles Terry Zhang Peter Lin
Div Four Singles Lily Zhang Owen Ow
Div Five Singles Atsuto Hideura Cyrus Cheng
Premier / Div One doubles Li Jiang Yang / Jim (Jing), Peng Yunosuke Aoyagi / Emiri Tsukamoto
Div Two / Three doubles Edmond Chiu / Andy Wong Peter Lin / Vincent Chan
Div Four / Five Doubles Atsuto Hideura / Koichiro Hideura Cyrus Cheng/ Ethem Mansour


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