Taipei Cup Results and Report

Results Taipei Cup 2016.

Singles                Winners                                                Runners Up
Premier:              Chris Yan ( Aust. Olympian)         Ismu ( Indonesia)
Div.1:                     Sung Min Hong ( Taiwan)              Li Huacheng ( Taiwan)
Div.2:                     Noah Kim (Nam Ho Academy)    Herman (Indonesia)
Juniors:                                Chen Chun Hsiang( Taiwan)         Marcello ( Indonesia)
Premier:              Ismu/Arif (Indonesia)                    Erny/Trent ( SNDTTA)
Div.1:                     Erny/Tracy Feng (SNDTTA)           Nanda/Herman (Indonesia)
With the number of entries at 185 in the various divisions shown above, it must have been one of the most successful tournaments organised in our district and we should be grateful to James Wong, president of the Chinese Taipei Sports Federation Australia, for using all his contacts to get not only these numbers turning up but also the quality of players assembled, including participants from Taiwan and Indonesia, and his successful arrangements for sponsorships.
Apart from the buzz around the place, a highlight on the first day was the opening ceremony attended by dignitaries from the Chinese Taipei Australia Branch and the Hornsby Shire Council.
The tournament, played over 2 days, was run like clockwork and finished as planned and in time for the celebratory Chinese banquet afterwards.  The quality of matches was of the highest standard and the numerous spectators would have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The list of winners above does not show the various battles that were on display and especially on the 2nd day, when the places for the finals were at stake, one could hear constant applause filling the arena. 
Some surprises were the defeat of Tatsuya Hidaka by Jake Lee in a qualifying singles match and the loss of Chris Yan and Sally Zhang in the doubles pool, but this shows that our district players are getting closer to the top. Our international guests provided our players with the challenges needed to realise the position of where they are and what we should aim for if there is a wish to be successful.
The premier final was a 3-0 white wash by Olympian Chris Yan against Ismu from Indonesia, who earlier showed his spinning skills in the semi final but did not get a chance due to the attacking speed of Chris Yan. Congratulations are due to our district players Noah Kim from Nam Ho Academy, who won the Division 2 singles and Erny Tsao & Tracy Fang, who won the Division 1 doubles. Erny , together with Trent Carter, combined extremely well to come 2nd in the Premier doubles.
A heartfelt thank you is due to qualified umpires Kevin Wright and Han Phan and several of our local players who helped out in making this tournament the success it was.
Theo Morsink, President SUNSTTA Inc.

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